VCM has a reputation within the industry for its honesty and integrity. We don't look for opportunities in a clients documentation to extort money from them in the form of exorbitant variations. We don't make money on the short term money market by witholding subcontractor payments or by cutting corners. What we do is scrutinise documentation and point out short falls at tender stage, we charge fairly and honestly on all variations, we pay our contractors on time all the time and we treat every project as if it were our own.

You can rest assured that the price we quote you is a realistic and fair appraisal of the costs involved in delivering the project and we will not be looking for opportunities to increase our profits by cutting corners or fabricating variations. Whilst we may not be the cheapest price in the short term, you will soon discover that we are the best price in the long term.

Whether you are an Architect, Developer, Personal Investor, Business owner, Managing Director or Buildings administrator, we can provide a complete range of Building Services to suit you.

Feasibility Studies

By involving us early in your project we can provide a complete project analysis to determine the suitability of the site and existing structures for your proposed project. We can provide a complete analysis incorporating budget figures, site analysis, time schedule, environmental impact study and offer an alternative range of practical and sustainable solutions to provide you with a list of options that can potentially prevent costly mistakes on your behalf.

Project Management

We can manage your complete project from concept to completion. By engaging us to manage your project you get the benefit of our years of experience. We can take care of everything from tendering, documentation, contractor evaluation, performance monitoring, quality assurance, consultant management, progress payment evaluation, variation administration,defects liabilities and contractor retention management. Be confident knowing you have someone acting with your best interests at heart to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Construction Management

By engaging us in a Construction Management Role, we provide the on-site expertise and site management work force. You decide on which contractors and level of finishes and fixtures you require. This requires a close working relationship with you as you will be required to make decisions based on our advice and investigations and you have the final say on the letting of Contracts. The fee for this service is based on the value of the work managed and the complexity of the project. This service is generally used when the project needs to be fast tracked and you do not have the time available to wait for complete documentation of the project to tender. The main advantage of this process is that you directly benefit from cost savings on contracts, the disadvantage being that you directly lose on cost escalations.

Design & Construct

We can provide the complete Design and Construct Service, were we use our experienced Architects and Engineers to design your Project for you with quality and affordability in mind. This means you get the best building for the best price. As experienced builders we know what construction methods and materials are the best value for money. This service provides you with the best value for money as you do not have another level of consultancy to pay for as we do the lot.


An Architects Impression

"I have worked with VCM Constructions over the past 9 years in a consulting capacity on a variety of educational and commercial building projects."
"I have found the company to be competent in all respects.VCM's dealings with clients are marked by integrity and honesty. I appreciate a builder who will not cut corners just to win a project. VCM is such a building company."
"Their standards of workmanship are good, and their building sites always appear well appointed and organised."
"The success of any company is attested by repeat clientele. It is my observation that VCM has developed good working relationships with its clients and consequently continues to win work from those clients."
"I affirm VCM Constructions as a reputable, and competent building company."


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